AchievementSuite provides Cloud Hosted solutions in Performance Management and Business Intelligence to Community Banks

Currently Available Applications:

Tangible Results Executive

  • Establishes a pathway of continuous improvement through identification and management of performance drivers
  • Converts institutional goals into required actions
  • Sets performance goals both feasible and achievable for our client banks

Tangible Results Forecast

  • Provides expected results for current operating quarter for the industry
  • Forecast next quarter trends
  • Benchmarks individual banks expected and forecast results

TR Income and Expense Optimization

  • Breaks Fee Income and Noninterest Expense into manageable parts
  • Establishes income and expense relationship that optimize ROA results
  • Determines Asset allocations that optimize ROA and capital levels

Loan Models (in production development)

  • Brings objective management to the business development process
  • Applies discipline and accountability to the loan review/workout process
  • Employs best practices in proactive business development and aggressive problem account workout
  • Utilizes a Total Quality Management approach to the loan portfolio

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